Benin: Student and Youth Travel Organisation (SYTO)

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Benin: Student and Youth Travel Organisation (SYTO)

Student and Youth Travel Organisation (SYTO) Benin is a local chapter of an international network of associations working in more than 96 countries around the world. SYTO Benin adheres to the core mission of the international association which dedicated to the promotion of in-depth intercultural interaction among youth and students to assist them in developing skills for living in today’s interdependent world. It strives to promote Africa as a source of knowledge and to place Africa in a more prominent position in global affairs, by facilitating various intercultural exchange programs such as community volunteers, cultural home stay and linguistic immersion, student work abroad, internships, educational travel and excursion and academic placement within various well recognized schools, colleges and universities worldwide.

In partnership with Canada World Youth

CWY and SYTO Benin work in partnership through the Youth Leaders in Action and Global Learner programs. The partnership aims to raise awareness on local environmental issues and the potential for small-scale farming and agriculture.



  • To date, 8,750 trees have been planted on 7,5 hectares in the communities of Kpovié and Akodéha.

Local Agricultural Production

  • Rabbits farming: The rabbits are a source of income for local participants, as the meat will be sold in local markets. It will also provide a local, rapidly regenerating protein source for participating community members.
  • Vegetable production: The current vegetable production includes: 80 beds of watermelon, 37 beds of peppers, 80 beds of green peppers, 12 beds of gumbo, 160 beds of tomatoes, 25 beds of cucumbers, 6 rows of corn, and a nursery of Acacia trees to increase the reforestation potential in the area.

Youth Leaders Initiatives

  • Kpovié: Un groupe de jeunes travaille dans un projet de création et de gestion d’un site de traitement d’ordures ménagères pour la fabrication et la vente de compost.
  • Tokan: Un group de jeunes travaille sur la création d’une unité de production/commercialisation de provende pour les espèces animales telles que les lapins, les volailles, et les porcs. Il s’agit pour neuf jeunes déscolarisés de prendre en charge à travers la production de provende à des prix compétitifs pour les éleveurs du milieu.

Institutional Capacity Building

  • Training was provided to two of the rabbit farmers. The group in charge of the vegetable production has had access to professional advice on agricultural and small-scale farming techniques. Staff members at SYTO Benin have been taking English classes in order to increase their capacity to exchange with neighbouring partners and they have also received training in participatory communication.
  • Community involvement: Local actors, including Le Groupement Lonvissilele, Centre communal de promotion de l’agriculture, and Centre de promotion agricole de Ouidah have all been involved in training project members in group dynamics, project management and compost production. Local associations of vegetable growers have been contacted to include them in efforts to increase compost production and the Pahou district has expressed an interested in providing support to the compost project to compliment their efforts to keep the district clean.

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