Bolivia: Fundación de desarollo humano sostenible (FUNDEHUS)

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Bolivia: Fundación de desarollo humano sostenible (FUNDEHUS)

Fundación de desarollo humano sostenible (FUNDEHUS) is a non-profit organization created to promote human development because a community that is rich, is essentially one that reaches higher levels of social, ecological, human and economic capital. FUNDEHUS believes that the challenge of communities in the twenty-first century is to increase, in a balanced way, the four forms of capital simultaneously. However, this cannot be achieved without a comprehensive and sustainable development of human beings.

In partnership with Canada World Youth:

CWY and FUNDEHUS work in partnership through the Youth Leaders in Action program. The partnership aims to instill a new attitude in young people’s communication with their partners, eliminating the risk of all types of domestic violence, especially psychological violence. This objective is achieved through workshops and training given by the youth volunteers involved in the Young Leaders in Action program. The youth use of art (theater, film, music, painting) as a means to reach their peers and raise awareness about the issue.

The identified target group for theses workshops is students from colleges and universities in Camiri. The project is implemented in collaboration with the Municipality and the Office of Children and Adolescents. The youth volunteers in the Youth Leaders in Action program are involved in the preparation and training of groups of students who run the workshops in the months where youth volunteers are not present in the community.


Awareness building

  • The project raises awareness amongst children and adolescents about patterns of domestic violence, who become sensitized and informed advocates of violence prevention. Local youth have worked with community members (including teachers, parents, children) to demonstrate how they can be allies in preventing violence.

Peer-to-peer education

  • The education model used in the project has been combined with activities targeting the larger public, such as radio messages for the prevention of HIV/ AIDS, as well as to express solidarity and support for people living with this HIV/AIDS. In Montero, training was conducted for 2880 students and professors. There were also workshops with parents. Educational materials were also produced to facilitate more wide spread dissemination of information.

Youth Leaders Initiatives

  • Santa Cruz: A group of youth is working to reduce sexual abuse of children by promoting awareness among children and youth on the different types of abuse, how to recognize when they are at risk of being abused, and on ways to diminish this risk. They are also collaborating with educational institutions to ensure wide dissemination of training and brochures.

Institutional capacity building

  • Training and improved skills to implement international programs for eight women and two men from FUNDEHUS, including English language skills. Increased efficiency in the organization’s accounting and administrative systems has started. From a broader perspective, FUNDHEUS has benefited from the implementation of the YLA Program by developing networks in the different communities, with governmental authorities, as well as grassroots organizations.
  • Multiple stakeholders have been involved as a result of the leadership exercised by youth: the municipality, the human development directorate, education authorities at the Montero District.

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