Costa Rica: Asociación Cultural de Intercambio de Costa Rica

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Costa Rica: Asociación Cultural de Intercambio de Costa Rica

Created in 1968, Asociación Cultural de Intercambio de Costa Rica (ACI) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that promotes and facilitates international volunteering and cultural exchange programs for young people from around the world. ACI seeks to offer youth new perspectives through their direct participation in social and environmental projects.

ACI seeks to contribute to the creation of solidarity and friendship networks between the people of this planet. The organization works to promote sustainable human development through the personal growth of youth volunteers, fostering a greater sense of global citizenship.

ACI’s program objectives are to promote:

  • Sustainable human development
  • Solidarity and friendship networks among people, especially youth.
  • Personal growth of volunteers as global citizens; teaching them to become independent, multilingual, open-minded and culturally sensitive.

In Partnership with Canada World Youth

ACI works with CWY through the Global Learner program. Through this program, school groups and individual interns are offered the opportunity to complement their education through direct participation in volunteer-based projects.

Sectors of focus for development:

  • Community development
  • Environment
  • Social service

Examples of projects:

  • Work on the improvement of local public infrastructure in the host community
  • Trail maintenance at a nature reserve
  • Reforestation and water filtration projects
  • Support of conservation activities at marine turtle sanctuaries

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