Ecuador: Triple Salto

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Ecuador: Triple Salto

Triple Salto is a non-profit organization that aims to empower citizens and communities to support and develop locally-based sustainable opportunities.

The organization’s mission is to generate integrated and sustainable solutions to social, environmental and economic needs through strategic alliances between the government, the private sector and citizens.

The Triple Salto strategy is to:

  • Investigate: to generate knowledge and contextualized proposals that result in sustainable solutions viable for the public and private sectors.
  • Innovate: to guarantee competitiveness and sustainability of individuals and communities in the long run.
  • Interconnect: to create a network for community support while inspiring local, national, and international individuals, communities and organizations.

Triple Salto’s program objectives are to:

  • Encourage sustainable supply chain development by supporting fair trade organizations and practices.
  • Support efforts to create sustainable housing, urban regeneration and national park systems.

In Partnership with Canada World Youth

Triple Salto works with CWY through the Global Learner program. Through this program, school groups and individual interns are offered the opportunity to compliment their education through direct participation in volunteer-based projects.

Sectors of focus for development:

  • Food security and nutrition
  • Urban and sustainable agriculture
  • Agricultural micro–entrepreneurship

Examples of projects:

  • Construction of a green house to contribute to local food security
  • Work on a local organic agricultural initiative in marginalized communities of Quito
  • Construction of a local infrastructure project, such as building a guinea pig house
  • Organization of educational and cultural activities
  • Contribution to projects focussed on combating malnourishment at the local level

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