Honduras: Asociación de Intercambio Internacional Cultural de Jóvenes (ICYE)

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Honduras – Asociación de Intercambio Internacional Cultural de Jóvenes (ICYE)

Created in 1981, Asociación de Intercambio Internacional Cultural de Jóvenes (ICYE) Honduras is a cultural non-profit organization dedicated to promoting exchanges and volunteerism between Hondurans and the world. ICYE Honduras has been the Honduran representative of ICYE, an international organization with offices in five countries. ICYE Honduras is affiliated with the International Office in Berlin, Germany.

ICYE Honduras is an organization engaging the social and personal development of youth and adults, through exchange programs, cultural learning, mobility and volunteerism.

ICYE Honduras prides on being an organization that develops innovative, cultural exchange programs of excellent quality, giving the best satisfaction and safety to their participants.

Major Programs:

National Programs: Through various volunteer programs, 20 to 25 Honduran youth are sent overseas for a 6 to 12 month period.

International Exchanges: Focuses on immersing international youth into a Honduran community.

Volunteer Programs: The focus is to encourage alumni of the National program to volunteer at the local level, using the skills and knowledge they learned overseas, to improve the social needs of the community.

In partnership with Canada World Youth:

ICYE Honduras works in partnership with CWY through the Global Learner Program. Through this program, school groups and individual interns are offered the opportunity to complement their education through direct participation in volunteered-based projects.

Sectors of focus for development:

  • Community development
  • Environment
  • Health

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