India: iVolunteer

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India: iVolunteer

iVolunteer is an initiative of MITRA, a not-for-profit organization working in the social development sector in India with headquarters in Delhi. MITRA was established in November 2000 as an entrepreneurial initiative by a group of graduates from the Institute of Rural Management in Anand. Today, MITRA has grown nationwide and has offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai.

iVolunteer’s mission is to bring volunteers and organizations together to share time, skills and passion to promote India’s social development. Alongside iVolunteer, MITRA also offers recruitment services for the social development and microfinance sectors.

In Partnership with Canada World Youth

iVolunteer works with CWY through the Global Learner program. Through this program, school groups and individual interns are offered the opportunity to compliment their education through direct participation in volunteer-based projects.

Sectors of focus for development:

  • Health
  • Environment
  • Entrepreneurship

Examples of projects:

  • Work with local organizations for the empowerment of women and girls
  • Research and program development for community health initiatives
  • Capacity building in grassroots income generation programs
  • Environmental and water conservation projects

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