India: ViaDesh

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India: ViaDesh

ViaDesh is a social enterprise with a vision to revive ethical tourism and promote sustainable volunteerism in India. Founded in 2010 in New Delhi by young entrepreneurs, ViaDesh provides transformative experiences through immersion in village life and passion for the outdoors and the environment. Its team specializes in experiential learning programs and logistics for schools and universities, and cultural discovery through walking, trekking and cycling adventures enabling sustainable contributions to its partner communities.

Via comes from the Latin meaning “by way of”, and Desh from the Hindi meaning “country”. ViaDesh is committed to creating unique cultural experiences in India. We create academic programs for schools and universities. ViaDesh also has an internship programme for students looking for international work experience and arranges volunteering opportunities for groups and individuals.

Our aim is to inspire people from all walks of life and nationalities to become active global citizens. Through our work we provide meaningful experiences that promote sustainability and environmental conservation.

ViaDesh is committed to providing our clients with the programme best suited to their needs while preserving the communities in which we interact. Our programmes help employ locals to discourage migration. We use existing home-stays and family-run hotels when possible to help the local economy. We utilize public transportation and walking to help decrease our carbon footprint. Our projects help support a wide range of community projects directly benefiting the communities in which we work.

In Partnership with Canada World Youth

ViaDesh works with CWY through the Global Learner program. Through this program, school groups and individual interns are offered the opportunity to complement their education through direct participation in volunteer-based projects.

Sectors of focus for development:

  • Environment
  • Health
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social justice and global citizenship

Examples of projects:

  • Planning an art program and painting a mural in a village school
  • Helping a women’s cooperative find creative ways to design and market traditional handicrafts
  • Organizing a trail clean-up during a trek through the Himalayas
  • The construction of a village home or a community greenhouse in an experimental organic farm.
  • Assisting teachers in a local school
  • Helping with the construction of a community center or other local community infrastructure

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