Mozambique: Youth Association for Development of Volunteer Service (AJUDE)

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Mozambique: Youth Association for Development of Volunteer Service (AJUDE)

AJUDE is a non-profit organization, which brings together young Mozambicans without distinction or discrimination to race, sex, religion, tribe, and level of education. Since 1993, the organization has been mobilizing youth in urban and rural communities through youth volunteerism, activism and community outreach efforts.

AJUDE’s major programs are

  • “Fighting Against Erosion” International Work Camps in Muatala – Nampula, in collaboration with “Gabinete do Meio Ambiente (GAMA)” funded by MS Denmark. This program includes the construction of several classrooms in Nacarroa, and the construction of over 60 houses with local material, benefiting 500 people affected by the floods in Xinavane District, Maputo Province.
  • Workshop on peace, reconciliation and conflict resolution, in Moamba District – Maputo Province.
  • HIV & AIDS awareness, in Namaacha, Moamba, Ressano Garcia, Magude, Manhica, Xinavane Districts – Maputo Province.
  • International Culture Youth Exchange program, working with volunteers from Europe on social projects in Mozambique, as well as the intercultural exchange program in partnership with Canada World Youth with youth volunteers representing Mozambique, South Africa and Canada.

In partnership with Canada World Youth

CWY and AJUDE work in partnership through the Youth Leaders in Action program. Through this partnership, the development projects put address multiple health priorities of young people including: HIV & AIDS prevention; poor sanitation leading to malaria, diarrhea, cholera and other related diseases; and prevention of substance abuse. This project aims to create opportunities that motivate young boys and girls to become mentors in their communities who advocate for solutions to the problems identified and further motivate other young people in the community to work towards solutions.

Results in Inhambane

HIV prevention training and outreach

  • 1,600 families (approximately 8,000 individuals) have participated in HIV/AIDS prevention awareness activities.
  • Local youth have volunteered to be involved as facilitators and have developed the activities in three working groups (theatre, HIV/AIDS prevention, and cleaning and sanitation).
  • 18 facilitators were trained (8 women) to facilitate debates with 191 students (123 of them were female students) and to engage with 1,073 youth (509 men and 564 women).
  • Lower infection rates of HIV & AIDS among young girls and boys have been observed.

Health, sanitation and waste management

  • Increased awareness and knowledge among local youth in Inhambane of waste management
  • Campaign to raise awareness on waste management: community members have been trained on waste collection and disposal and two committees have been created to continue the awareness raising activities
  • Eight waste bins have been purchased and installed around Inhambane city in collaboration with city authorities and a waste disposal silo was made available for this project
  • Greater awareness among community members about how pollution affects their health.

Youth Leaders Initiative

  • Income generation: Eight young people are managing a project aimed at training youth in locksmith work, providing opportunities for more than 132 young people. The project is functioning as a center of learning that also provides commercial services to the community.

Institutional capacity building

  • Partners of AJUDE have gained experience working with youth
  • Improved working relationship with city authorities, the Institute of Social Work and a local water management organization.

Results in Nampula

Awareness building

  • Malaria, HIV/AIDS and sanitation awareness was raised with activities directly involving 78 women and 42 men and 8 latrines were built for 16 families.
  • Prevention activities with youth volunteers and community members took place with the support of city authorities and local partners.

Youth Leaders Initiative

  • The project, led by a group of young women, is aimed at creating a center for training girls and young women how to work using a sewing machine and other production tools. The garments produced are sold to the community. Participating young women benefit from additional workshops focused on women’s health (e.g., reproductive health, prevention of HIV/AIDS) and gender equity.

Institutional capacity building

  • AJUDE has started a decentralised participatory planning process and has strengthened its role locally, involving more youth in local projects for the benefit of their community.
  • Increased involvement from local authorities in assisting with planning and management strategies.

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