Peru: The Bolivarian Volunteer Brigade of Peru (BVBP)

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Peru: The Bolivarian Volunteer Brigade of Peru (BVBP)

The Bolivarian Volunteer Brigade of Peru (BVBP) is a youth organization that works with volunteers nationwide. BVBP was founded in 1982 as part of an agreement made at the second meeting of mayors of major cities of the Andean Pact (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru), leading up to the bicentenary celebrations of the birth of Simón Bolívar. BVBP’S national headquarters are in the city of Lima, with local branches throughout Peru.

BVBP’s major programs are: national and international youth volunteer programs; training on leadership and social development at the national level; work camps in Indigenous communities; educational programs on health, sexuality, environment; DISCOSIDA programs in secondary schools; and recreational programs for young people.

The organization also works on the preservation of the historic center of the city of Cajamarca, supports the reconstruction of the archaeological zone of Chan Chan, runs food security and nutrition projects for families in the Commonwealth of Palca and teaches street workers.

In partnership with Canada World Youth

CWY and BVBP work in partnership through the Youth Leaders in Action and Global Learner programs. The Global Learner programming focuses on community development, sustainable and rural development, Indigenous cultures and customs, environmental conservation and youth entrepreneurship. For the Youth Leaders in Action program, BVBP runs the Healthy Homes Project which benefits the population by providing security, comfort, hygiene and nutrition. It also helps to reduce rates of disease in families, strengthening domestic living habits.


Health & nutrition

  • Improved quality of life of 38 families in the community of Palca.
  • Increased awareness of gender roles.
  • Improved health for users of eco-stoves.
  • Fewer incidences of respiratory and diarrheal diseases in women and children due to improved living conditions.
  • An increase in small-scale food production.
  • Increased quality and availability of nutritious food in the area through the development if the Youth Leaders Initiative in project (see below). 150 children from the community are benefiting from yoghurt and jams sold at low cost, and 30 children from poor families will receive these products at no cost, as part of the social engagement of the group.

Youth Leaders Initiative

  • Increased youth capacities in management through the development of a local project, initiated by a group of 5 youth aged between 15 and 18 years old, focusing on workshops on how to produce yogurt, jam and other products using regional resources.
  • Increased skills in the production of yogurt, jam and dulce de leche.
  • Increased and diversified source of income for local youth.
  • Reduced malnutrition among young children through the production and creation of a local, nutritional food source.

Institutional Capacity Building

  • Greater emphasis given to operative capacity building through the purchase of new equipments and the hiring and training of new staff.
  • Increased capacity to develop national and international engagement activities.
  • National subsidiaries are now established with a managerial council and its respective members, guaranteeing the sustainability of the work to come.
  • Stronger network, alliances and partnership with other state and public organizations across the country.
  • A new partnership with International Culture Youth Exchange (ICYE) in Germany.

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