Tanzania: UVIKIUTA

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Tanzania: UVIKIUTA

UVIKIUTA is a vibrant Tanzanian youth development organization established in 1983 under the patronage of the late Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere, First President of the United Republic of Tanzania. UVIKIUTA came into existence in response to a government call for all unemployed youth to form economic groups through the then famous policy known as “Nguvu kazi”, which responded to the needs of young men and women to raise their living standards. It helped establish youth settlements and self-help projects to provide income, employment, and permanent shelters.

UVIKIUTA’s major programs are:

  • Eco-Village: The Eco-Village was launched in 1999 and named after Mwalimu Nyerere to honour his inspiration in sustainable development and his vision of socialism and self-reliance. The village is designed to emphasize the improvement of local systems to create incentives and reshape the traditional patterns of consumption, development and employment into more efficient and sustainable patterns. Activities include organic farming, construction of low cost housing, conservation of biodiversity, land use plans, renewable energy practices, building of an information centre and demonstration centre for sustainable living. The area covers about 500 acres, with 30 families living in the community.
  • International Volunteers: International volunteer projects seek to provide an experience that connects service, culture, professional and personal growth. Projects go beyond the familiar road of commercial society, taking young people and volunteers outside their comfort zones so that they can spend time in someone else’s shoes. By working with people in various cultures, there is learning and recognition of the world we all share. The program includes international work camps, youth exchange programs and educational tours.
  • Development of Entrepreneurs: This program helps generate income to sustain the organization while using the projects as models for youth employment creation. Activities include income generation projects, such as landscaping, gardening, livestock keeping and training facilities, hostel and conference halls. Young people from across the country have an opportunity to join various entrepreneurship trainings offered at the centre and use existing projects as models to establish youth settlements in various regions of Tanzania.

In partnership with Canada World Youth

  • CWY and UVIKIUTA work in partnership through the Youth Leaders in Action program. The development project implemented through this partnership builds upon 20 years of existence of the Nyerere Eco-Village. Through the eco-village, community members have been living harmoniously with the natural environment and creating sustainable livelihoods. The project is designed to address challenges to attain sustainable utilization of natural resources by promoting participation of young men and women in environmental conservation work through sustainable planning and practices.


Health and Environment

  • Increased awareness of the importance of tree planting and maintenance among men and women.
  • Increased awareness and knowledge of proper waste management and composting methods among men and women.
  • Increased access to resources needed to meet, share ideas and organize activities to improve their environmental and health status.
  • Greater understanding of women’s roles by local men.

Youth Leaders Initiative

Chamazi: The Vijana na Mazingira (youth and environment) group in the community is implementing a project that focuses on the creation of tree nurseries (mostly fruit trees), tree planting in the community, and environmental education for community members and school children.

Institutional Capacity Building

  • Increased capacity of Uvikiuta in project development and management.
  • Increased capacity internally to development workshop content and organise public events.
  • Increased skills and knowledge among staff members in results-based monitoring and evaluation, financial management, facilitation of sustainable and youth-based change process at the local level and in planning activities that are gender inclusive.
  • Increased capacity to fulfill Uvikiuta’s mission in reaching more people, especially youth and older women, offering more relevant activities, developing new areas, such as the Aboriginal internship programs, and in establishing new alliances at the national level. UVIKIUTA is part of the National volunteer committee since November 2011.

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