IMG_2658aGlobal Learner internships provide individuals with an unforgettable experience that not only changes their lives but also contributes to projects that change the lives of people in communities around the world.

Global Learner internship projects are ideal for university students and young professional aged 18 and over who want to be engaged in a challenging and enriching work experience.

CWY offers internship projects in India.

If you are a university student, your university may offer mobility grants or similar bursaries to defray program costs. Contact your university’s financial or international department for details.

What are your options?

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Upcoming Internships in INDIA – 14 positions available (in English only)
January to March 2015

Project Details and Costs:

The cost for this internship is $ 3 700 plus airfare. This fee includes food and lodging in a host family, 24-hour emergency support, an in-field training offered by our partner organization prior to commencing your internship, comprehensive medical and third-party liability insurance, project supervision, and associated development and delivery costs.







If you are a university student, your university may offer mobility grants or similar bursaries to defray program costs. Contact your university’s financial or international department for details.

How to apply

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For questions or further information, contact us:
1-800-605-3526, ext. 620

Once your application has been approved, we will provide instructions for next steps, including medical examinations, travel documents, and flight booking.

What does a Global Learner internship project include?

  • Education Objectives

    Based on your professional and learning goals, the Global Learner team, in collaboration with the overseas partner organization, will ensure you are matched with an available work project designed to meet your objectives

  • Intercultural Learning

    Intercultural learning opportunities are offered through host family living and direct engagement in the community.

  • Work Projects

    Global Learner interns are placed in ongoing community-driven development projects run by our partner organizations. These projects focus on health, environment, sustainable livelihoods, youth entrepreneurship or community development and have a direct, concrete and positive impact on the host communities. More information on the projects can be found by looking at our current opportunities above or by consulting our International Partnerships section.

  • Training

    Pre-departure training, educational resources, orientation, educational workshops and mid-project evaluation are all provided by CWY and our partner organization. A debriefing session is also provided upon return to Canada with the support of a CWY representative. CWY and its partner organizations have received recognition from Canadian and international organizations, as well as the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD), for the quality of its volunteer orientation and training sessions.

  • Host Community Living

    Global Learner interns live with host families or in volunteer accommodations in the host community.

  • Support Staff

    Interns are mentored by a qualified support staff provided by our community partner organization. Support staff provide community and workplace orientations and mid-project evaluation, and aid the intern in implementing their internship work project.

  • Health and Safety

    Host communities overseas have been carefully selected by CWY based on clearly established health and safety criteria in line with government and industry standards. Interns receive in-country support from local support staff, as well as 24-hour on-call emergency support from CWY. CWY also provides medical insurance to each intern in the field.

Who can participate?

Global Learner internship projects are open to individuals 18 years and older who have a background or sincere interest in international development or community development. The Global Learner program actively partners with universities to include internships into existing curriculum. In certain cases, interns may be able to receive university credit for participation.

How much does it cost?

Internship costs vary according to length of time and destination.

Internship fees includes:

  • Pre-departure and in-field training
  • Mid-point evaluation and debriefing at the end of the internship
  • Meals and lodging (either in a host family or a residence provided by the local NGO)
  • Project supervision and support
  • Comprehensive medical and third-party liability insurance
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Associated project development and project delivery costs

Internship fees exclude:

  • International airfare
  • Airport fees and taxes
  • Ticket cancellation insurance
  • Transportation to and from the Canadian airport
  • Recommended vaccinations
  • Passport and visa fees
  • Pocket money

For Post-Secondary Institution Administrators

Canada World Youth’s Global Learner program actively partners with Canadian universities and colleges. If you are interested in organizing a customized group internship project or including Global Learner internships in existing course offerings, contact us to discuss possible options:     1-800-605-3526 ext. 620.

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