Student Network

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YOU can make a difference!

Join other committed students on your campus to build a more sustainable and equitable world. The Canada World Youth Student Network offers you the opportunity to enhance your expertise in international development while gaining concrete experience in public engagement through direct contributions to community-driven development projects.

What we do

Student Network members organize projects and events that raise awareness about CWY’s mission and vision on university campuses and in communities across the country. This in turn increases young Canadians’ leadership skills and knowledge about international development, and young people’s role in development.

Members are encouraged to collaborate with current volunteers of the Youth Leaders in Action program, collaborate with the CWY’s 18,000 Canadian alumni, support a CWY Giving Means fundraising project, or develop a Global Learner project with students on their campus. There are lots of ways to get involved!

CWY supports each student group by providing:

  • Resources, educational materials and administrative tools
  • A student group blog
  • Support and suggestions for developing projects and events
  • Help with the recruitment of speakers for seminars, conferences and events
  • Support from CWY’s network of 36,000 current and past volunteers, 18,000 of whom are Canadians.

Contact Us!

See what CWY student groups are doing across Canada, get in touch with the group’s coordinator by email:

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