CWY Initiatives

We work in partnership with experienced local organizations and community members who are best placed to define their own needs and be the primary drivers of development in their communities.

Every year, Canada World Youth (CWY) runs various initiatives that further contribute to strengthening our programs through capacity building, the engagement of a diversity of youth, community-driven development initiatives and our work in partnership with local and international organizations.


Our development initiatives are designed, implemented and delivered in close collaboration with our international partner organizations. They focus on increasing the capacity of local institutions and community leaders, especially youth, to create and implement their own community-driven development initiatives. Through the support, mentorship and investment of both CWY and our partner organizations, we are providing opportunities to create change through the active engagement of youth and community members in the development of their communities.

Our fundraising initiatives are largely people funded and directly contribute to initiatives like the youth-led development projects through Giving Means, as well as support global youth leadership by contributing to our Youth Leaders Fund. Through participatory events, our Alumni and members of the CWY community take part in fun filled events that directly contribute to youth leadership and help to remove economic barriers some youth may face, allowing us to offer a greater diversity of youth the opportunity for a CWY experience!


Our Sustainability initiatives give youth on our programs the opportunity to contribute the reducing the environmental impact of their Canada World Youth program, as well as leading the way for local and global sustainability initiatives. The Green Miles program allows our youth volunteers to plant trees in their host communities, in both Canada and overseas, contributing to a reduction of carbon in the atmosphere as a result of the carbon absorbing power of trees! Our Sustainable Livelihoods Alumni Group , in collaboration with CWY volunteers and members of our Student Network, support CWY initiatives in the area of health, environment and equity.

Below is a list of the diversity of initiatives that CWY runs every year. We invite you to learn more about all that we are doing to contribute to youth leadership and community development projects both in Canada and internationally.

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