Ghana: Community bakery

Community: City of Saltpond, Ghana
Beneficiaries: 25 youth and more than 175 community members
Required amount: 4650$ per year for 2 years


Acquiring work experience in a trade is a very difficult endeavor for youth in Saltpond, on the southern coast of Ghana, where there are few opportunities. The Kurankyekrom Youth Association, which has X members, has decided to take matters in their own hands and give local youth a chance to develop their work skills. Their project is to establish a bakery that will answer the large demand for bread in the whole region of Mankessim. Shortages are common and this demand will help foster the growth and continuity of the bakery. The bakery will not only help youth acquire work experience, but also generate revenue for the community.

Overview of the project

The goal of the community project of the Kurankyekrom Youth Association in Saltpond, under supervision of the non-governmental organization SYTO Ghana, CWY’s partner, is to help local youth acquire work experience in a trade. The project focuses on developing the skills of local youth and generating income for the community by selling bread at affordable prices to the local region.

Through their project, they will provide:

  • Affordable and locally produced bread
  • Work experience and skills for local youth
  • Income for the socio-economic development of the community

Expected results

The project will help youth of the community of Saltpond to develop their experience in a trade. Income will be generated from the sale of the locally produced bread of the bakery and help improve the socio-economic situation of the village.

Youth group

The Giving Means projects are implemented on an annual basis and are supported by youth volunteers in our Youth Leaders in Action program who lead public education and fundraising campaigns in Canada. During their program, the groups will actively fundraise for, and work on, the Giving Means projects in the hopes that the projects can come to fruition.  To learn more about their exchanges visit their blogs.

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