Ghana: Equipment rental for community events

Community: Village of Otuam, Ghana
Beneficiaires: 35 youth and 175 family and community members
Required amount: 3700$ per year for 2 years


Access to education has always been a challenge in Ghana and youth are struggling to finance their studies. In the community of Otuam, where there are very few income generating activities, the local Otuam Youth Association has decided to help out local youth. They are confident that the financial benefits of their income generating project, which will rent event equipment (tents, chairs, platforms and generators) to the local community, will allow them to sponsor the studies of local youths. This will ease local youth’s access to education and contribute to the development of the community. The members of the association have a wealth and diversity of skills and experiences and the high demand for event rental equipment in Otuam will foster the growth and expansion of this endeavour.

Overview of the project

The goal of the community project of the Otuam Youth Association, under supervision of the non-governmental organization SYTO Ghana, CWY’s partner, is to offer education sponsorship to youth of the community. The project focuses on generating income by renting logistical material to hold their public events to the local population. A small portion of the income generated from the project will assure its continuity.

Through their project, they will provide:

  • Quality tents, chairs, platforms and generators for events in the community
  • Sponsorship packages to help finance the studies of local youth
  • Support from the Ghanaian partner in the start up phase

Expected results

The project will help local youth to finance their studies by generating income. The development of this project will not only generates revenue and stimulate the economy of the village but also helps youth to acquire higher education that will in turn raise the socio-economic level of the community.

Youth group

The Giving Means projects are implemented on an annual basis and are supported by youth volunteers in our Youth Leaders in Action program who lead public education and fundraising campaigns in Canada. During their program, the groups will actively fundraise for, and work on, the Giving Means projects in the hopes that the projects can come to fruition.  To learn more about their exchanges visit their blogs.

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