Honduras: Building latrines for healthier waste management

Community: Municipality of Belén Gualcho, Honduras
Target group: 100 families (around 600 persons)
Required amount: $8,800 over a 2 year period


In Belén Gualcho, Honduras, there are 600 families with deteriorating or no human waste facilities at all. 100 hydraulic latrines (toilets) have previously been built, and there is great demand for more. A group of 8 enterprising youth are coordinating a project to respond to this urgent need. Improving human waste management in this community will have health and environmental benefits for everyone, by reducing contamination and illnesses, and improving water quality. The youth are supported by the beneficiary families (who will contribute labour and local materials), civil society organizations, local government, and the Secretary of Public Health, to make this project a success.

Overview of the project

Building on the population’s knowledge of basic hygiene, water conservation, and environmental protection, the project will bring 100 more hydraulic latrines to the community.

The project will also provide:

  • Training on the use and maintenance of the latrines
  • Eradication of environmental contamination by human waste
  • Reduction in illnesses

Expected results

The project will improve the health of hundreds of community members in Belén Gualcho, by providing access to adequate facilities for the disposal of human waste, which will, in the long term, improve water quality and protect the environment for future generations.

Youth group

The Giving Means projects are implemented on an annual basis and are supported by youth volunteers in our Youth Leaders in Action program who lead public education and fundraising campaigns in Canada. During their program, the groups will actively fundraise for, and work on, the Giving Means projects in the hopes that the projects can come to fruition.  To learn more about their exchanges visit their blogs.

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