Kenya: Camping Equipment Rental Initiative

Community: Kamuchege, Kenya
Beneficiaries: 9 local youth will directly benefit with more than 1200 Scouts in the Kiambu area of Kenya also benefiting indirectly from the project
Required amount: $4,175 per year for two years


A scouting group in Kamuchege has identified a need for quality camping equipment to be available to youth groups and other campers in the region. Currently, campers have inadequate access to supplies, sleep directly on the ground, and cut down trees for shelter; or, they rent equipment at a high price. In order to create better camping conditions, prevent environmental damage, and avoid unnecessary costs, these 9 youth propose to purchase camping equipment and make it available to their peers at a fair and accessible price. It will also be a source of income for the Scout group. They have the support of a local partner (KENVO), the Kiambu Scouts Area Committee, as well as local government.

Overview of the project

The goal of this community project is for youth to support other youth in providing access to healthy and fun camping experiences through an affordable camping equipment rental business.

The project will provide:

  • Quality camping equipment, at affordable rates, for youth groups in the area
  • Protection of the environment and healthier conditions for campers
  • Income generation to support other projects such as fish farming, tree planting and flower farming

Expected results

The Kamuchege Sea Scouts will manage their own camping equipment rental business, providing youth groups with quality camping gear at affordable rates. Thus in turn, the project will contribute to better health for campers and environmental protection in the local camping areas. They will re-invest 70% of their income to sustain the business, and use the other 30% to fund additional initiatives.

Youth group

The Giving Means projects are implemented on an annual basis and are supported by youth volunteers in our Youth Leaders in Action program who lead public education and fundraising campaigns in Canada. During their program, the groups will actively fundraise for, and work on, the Giving Means projects in the hopes that the projects can come to fruition.  To learn more about their exchanges visit their blogs.

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