China-Canada Young Leaders Program

A new program offered by Canada World Youth in partnership with East China Normal University in Shanghai


New opportunities to combine study and community service learning for Canadians in China

Application deadline: Recruitment for 2018 to begin shortly.

East China Normal University (ECNU) and Canada World Youth (CWY) have partnered to create the China-Canada Young Leaders Program. This new program, aimed at Canadian students interested in an innovative study abroad experience, provides opportunities for Canadian students interested in combining educational study with a volunteer service learning placement.


  • To foster among young Canadians an appreciation for Chinese culture and language;
  • To increase the knowledge of young Canadians about China as well as Chinese history, economic and political system and Chinese society;
  • To provide an innovative learning opportunity for young Canadians combining academic study and volunteer community service.

Canadian students are invited to apply for (approximate length 17 weeks) a tailored learning semester in China. Each year for 5 years, 20 Canadian students who wish to study at East China Normal University in Shanghai followed by volunteer community service in Chongqing* will have an opportunity to access China Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarships to help cover the cost of the program. Canada World Youth will, via Canadian student fundraising, cover program costs not covered by the CSC scholarships.


  • scholarship applicants/recipients to be between the ages of 18 and 35;
  • applicants must have completed 2 years of undergraduate study;
  • applicants must demonstrate strong motivation to learn Mandarin, learn about China and study in a Chinese university;
  • applicants must have interest in volunteering as an English instructor for community service portion of program;
  • no formal teaching training required (successful applicants will be asked to suggest which subjects they would like to and are equipped to instruct in English to Chinese primary and middle level students);
  • adaptability;
  • fulfill eligibility requirements for a 4.5 month student visa in China.


The approximate 17-week program length will align with Chinese university semesters. Each internship will include 13 weeks of study (including in-country orientation week) at East China Normal University in Shanghai and 4 weeks of community volunteer service instructing English in Western China (either Chongqing or another location to be confirmed).

In 2017 the Canadian students will participate in a program aligned with the September to December Chinese University semester.

Curriculum: specific courses to be confirmed; some courses will be mixed courses with Chinese students and others are designed specifically for international students.

(Some courses will be Chinese language courses and other courses will be taught in English or French)

  • 15 hours per week of Mandarin (according to level of Mandarin understood and spoken by the Canadians);
  • 3 hours per week for one course taught in English from among 5 to 7 options provided by the ECNU Global China Program.

Possible course options to be selected within course offering from ECNU Global China Program include courses in the following:

Business/Economics, Politics and International Relations, Sociology, Psychology, History and Culture, Literature and Art, Chinese Language (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).


Instruction subjects in many cases can be proposed by Canadian participants based on their own academic knowledge and preferences. This will, we are confident, lead to a very high level of motivation for Canadians to deliver lessons at primary or middle school level in fields they are familiar with.

Since the language of instruction will be in English during the volunteer placements, no Chinese teaching counterparts will be required.


Phase 1:

Interested students are invited to submit applications to Canada World Youth, who will screen all applications and will confirm, in collaboration with the Chinese embassy in Canada, those candidates who will be invited to apply for scholarships. Application deadline: Recruitment for 2018 to begin shortly.

Phase 2:

Short-listed candidates will be invited to apply for China Government Scholarships online at CSC (China Scholarship Council).

20 recommended interns will be confirmed in late July in order to allow for proper preparation of both the academic and community service portions of the program.

Following an initial CWY pre-departure session in Canada, the interns will travel to Shanghai, China for one semester (17 weeks); the first 13 weeks unfolding in a university setting and the final 4 weeks volunteering in a Chinese community such as Chongqing. At the conclusion of the semester, Canadian students will participate in an internship debriefing in Canada.


An initial registration fee of $500 is due in March. There is also a requirement to fundraise $4300 prior to departure. Fundraising can occur between the months of March and July. Also, please note that volunteers will be responsible for covering their own domestic transport costs to and from the international departure point which will be either Montreal or Toronto.

There are 20 positions available to be filled in 2018. Recruitment for these positions will begin shortly.

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