Short Group Projects

The Canada World Youth (CWY) Global Learner experience provides groups with an unforgettable experience that not only changes their lives but also contributes to projects that change the lives of people in communities around the world. Together, we are making a difference!

Global Learner Short Group Projects are ideal for groups of students, young professionals, community groups or anyone under 35 interested in an international cultural and educational experience.

What are your options?

CWY can help you organize a project for your group, in any of our partner countries, at any time of the year. Group projects typically run for two to three weeks but can be longer if requested. We will help you create the project that is right for your students or group.

What does a group project include?

  • Educational objectives

    Based on the learning objectives of the group members and their coordinator, the Global Learner team, in collaboration with the overseas partner organization, will plan a project designed to meet your objectives. The project can, therefore, be modeled to complement the academic learning and personal experience of the participants.

  • Intercultural learning

    Intercultural learning opportunities are offered through host family living and direct engagement in the community. Your Global Learner experience also includes opportunities for exciting educational excursions to further complement your learning objectives.

  • Community work

    Group members take part in community-driven development projects run by our partner organizations. These projects focus on health, environment, sustainable livelihoods, youth entrepreneurship or community development and have a direct, concrete and positive impact on the host communities.

  • Training

    Pre-departure training, educational resources, orientation and educational workshops are all provided by CWY and our partner organization. A group debriefing session is also provided upon return to Canada with the support of a CWY representative. CWY and its partner organizations have received recognition from Canadian and international organizations, as well as Global Affairs Canada, for the quality of its volunteer orientation and training sessions.

  • Host family living

    The majority of participants live with a family in the host community. This is a central part of the program experience, providing youth volunteers with a direct link to the community and its day-to-day activities.

  • Supervisors

    Groups are accompanied by their own adult coordinator (for youth groups) or group elected leader (for adult groups) as well as the experienced project supervisor from the host organization.

  • Health and safety

    Host communities overseas have been carefully selected by CWY based on clearly established health and safety criteria in line with government and industry standards. Groups receive in-country support from a local coordinator, as well as 24-hour on-call emergency support from CWY. CWY also provides medical insurance and a medical kit to each group in the field.

Who can participate?

Global Learner group projects are open to groups of 14 people or more including the accompanying adult supervisors for youth groups. Youth participants must be 15 years old or over to participate. Adults must be up to 35 years old.

How can we get started?

To plan a Global Learner group project, contact us at

We will work with you to create a project that best suits the needs and interests of your group.

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