Why CWY?

We believe that change happens through the active engagement of leaders, especially youth, in the sustainable development of their communities!

What sets Canada World Youth (CWY) apart from the rest?

  • Take part in our global movement of over 50,000 engaged global citizens!

    We represent a collective, international effort of over 38,000 youth, 11,000 host families, 600 hundred Canadian host communities and 69 partner countries, who have all worked together to build a more just and harmonious global society. Find out why all of these people believe in the impact of CWY, youth leadership and community-driven development projects.

  • We believe in youth leadership!

    We have always worked to support youth leaders, leaders like YOU! We believe that youth have the capacity to create positive change now. This is why we give youth the opportunity and support to step up, lead and make a difference. We know that given this opportunity, youth will go on to fill important leadership positions in their own communities.

  • Contribute to meaningful community-driven development projects.

    CWY projects are developed in close collaboration with our experienced international partners, ensuring that the projects directly contribute to the needs of the local community and have a long-term, sustainable impact. Find out more about our approach to development.

  • Take part in the life-changing CWY experience!

    One after another, our volunteers return from their CWY programs describing their experience as unforgettable, eye-opening and life-changing. Read testimonials from our past volunteers!

    Why not try the CWY experience for yourself? Apply for one of our international youth leadership programs today!

  • Volunteer and develop concrete job skills.

    We offer skills training through direct participation in community-driven development projects. Gain skills such as: communication, language, project management, facilitation, problem solving, critical thinking and so many more! You will not only experience life in a new community, but you will come to understand the challenges, opportunities and successes of international development.

  • CWY has over 40 years experience.

    In 1971, inspired by his desire to help build a more peaceful world, our founder, Jacques Hébert, founded CWY. Over 40 years later, we are still working from the same founding principles, offering youth a transformative, life-changing experience with a positive impact on communities in Canada and abroad.

  • We believe that diversity is key.

    At CWY, we continuously strive to make our programs, offices and events more accessible and inclusive for everyone. We actively work to remove barriers to participation in our all programs and to ensure that our youth volunteers are truly representative of the diversity of the Canadian population.

    Our Youth Leaders in Action program is a reciprocal program that offers volunteer opportunities to both Canadian youth and youth from our partner countries, because everyone deserves the opportunity to make a difference!

  • We think that green is a great way to be!

    CWY and its partners understand that we are all responsible for the well-being of our planet. We therefore run initiatives that seek to address the environmental impacts of our work and raise awareness about the need to think and act in a way that is conscious of the environment. Our green initiatives include: environmental protection and restoration projects, tree-planting, participation in international conferences (such as the Rio +20 Earth Summit) and ongoing efforts to run more carbon responsible programs and events.

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