I am a Parent

Canada World Youth (CWY) has over 40 years of experience in providing world-renowned international educational programs for youth.

I am a parent

Get your child on the path to success

At CWY, we know you want the best for your child and so do we. We all want our youth to grow up to be well-rounded, healthy and fulfilled adults. We want them to be informed and active individuals who are equipped to handle all of life’s unexpected surprises and take advantages of all of its opportunities.

CWY programs allow your child to participate in a structured leadership program that provides concrete skills-building opportunities, broadens their career options, motivates them to pursue higher education, provides valuable life experience and promotes greater maturity and independence.

If your child is already enrolled at an educational institution, CWY programs can help increase his/her knowledge in his/her field of study by providing an experience that will complement his/her education and knowledge.

Through CWY programs, youth develop a valuable set of skills that enhance their employability and success in higher education. Those skills include:

  • Leadership
  • Communication & language
  • Decision making & problem solving
  • Team work
  • Project and event management

In addition, our programs help youth recognize their own capacity and knowledge, develop their confidence and motivation, broaden their horizons and open new doors to learning and professional development opportunities.

By encouraging your child to take part in a CWY program, you are putting your son or daughter on the path to success!

Taking time off from school, is it a good idea?

The exchange I did with CWY was an eye-opening experience, and was the catalyst for me to pursue an international career. It has given me a global perspective, and a much greater appreciation for Canada. I really struggled with taking a year off between high school and university but, looking back, I know it was the best thing I could have ever done. I am still very grateful years later.”
David Harris Zemans, Bolivia-Nova Scotia

One of the most common concerns expressed by parents is that their child will not return to school after a year away. A majority of students who participate in a structured, informal international volunteer experience, such as a CWY program, do return to school and often resume their studies with a better idea of the program best suited to their needs and interests, resulting in greater long term success in higher education.

Are the programs safe?

Each group is accompanied by experienced teachers or CWY project supervisors. All CWY volunteers have assigned support staff who support the youth, provide clear safety guidelines, facilitate the group’s learning process, as well as inform all programming decisions made by both CWY and the partner organization.

As for the host communities, both in Canada and overseas, they have been carefully selected by CWY based on clearly established health and safety criteria. CWY also follows the recommendations of Global Affairs Canada when evaluating the safety and security of our programs.

All our host communities must meet specific health and safety criteria which include: access to medical services and emergency relief, reliable transportation and political stability. Our Program Managers visit each partner country and community regularly to ensure that risk management procedures are in place and followed. We work closely with our international partners to ensure a clear understanding of the current political contexts within their country.

What will your child do during the program?

CWY’s partners work in a number of areas, such as health, environment, gender equity, employment generation and more. The type of volunteer work that youth volunteers take part in varies, but all programs are designed to increase their existing skills and experience, while supporting local initiatives led by our partners.

The CWY volunteer experience leaves a positive and lasting impact on the lives of youth, as well as the lives of people in our host communities in Canada and overseas.

The CWY Parents’ Guide

Video – I am a parent:
Parents of past youth volunteers reflect on the benefits of a CWY program for their child.

Also available in:

Video – Français

Video - Español

Video – Cantonese

We also encourage you to read through the CWY Parents’ Guide (4-6 month exchange program) in order to better understand how to support your son or daughter as he/she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.

The Parents’ Guide is divided into five parts:

  1. What is Canada World Youth?
  2. Health and safety of youth volunteers
  3. Before the program
  4. During the program
  5. Returning home

(*Note: This guide was created primarily for parents of youth volunteers participating in our Youth Leaders in Action program. However, the information provided on the organization, health and safety, communication with youth volunteers and dealing with culture shock is useful information for parents of youth volunteers participating in any of our programs. For information specific to our other programs, please refer to the programs pages of this website, or contact us directly at (info@cwy-jcm.org)

Canada World Youth is committed to equity and diversity in recruitment. We highly encourage applications from Aboriginal youth, visible and ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities, and others who may contribute to nurture the diversity of our volunteer teams.

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