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Canada World Youth (CWY) is creating a global movement of youth leadership through community-driven development projects. Encourage youth to join the movement today!

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As an educator, young people take your advice to heart when making important life decisions. With the information below, we want to help you understand what CWY is all about and encourage you to offer our amazing educational, life-changing experiences to even more youth.

I am an educator

Why suggest CWY to your students?

CWY not only offered me a road to explore outside of rural Nova Scotia, but also introduced me to new friends to take on the journey. Being part of a group gave me the courage and security to go beyond my boundaries.”
Bob Bennett

  • Adventure

    Countless past volunteers have described their experience as “life-changing”, “eye-opening” and “fulfilling”.

  • Discovery

    Our programs encourage youth to discover the world and, at the same time, allow them to discover themselves as they face new challenges on a daily basis.

  • Skills development

    Youth develop personal and professional skills that will help them grow and reach their full potential.

  • Opportunity to give back

    Our youth volunteers contribute to concrete community-driven development projects.

Read the testimonials of some of our past volunteers for a better understanding of the impact of our programs.

What do young people gain from the CWY experience?

The problems youth solve, the challenges they confront and the opportunities they create throughout the program all help develop their capacity to become a leader in their community.

The main elements of our programs – volunteering on development projects, living with a host family, taking part in educational activities, engaging in the life of a new community – allow volunteers to:

  • Develop concrete, transferable skills through working as a part of a team on projects led by our local partners. Those skills include teamwork, intercultural communication, event management, project coordination, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and the list goes on…
  • Break down cultural barriers and provide language learning opportunities by living and working closely with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Develop leadership skills, which will empower them to make positive, lasting change through community engagement activities and critical analysis of global issues.
  • Go on to become respected youth leaders who can identify problems, break them down into manageable parts, and respond with innovative solutions.

The value of a CWY experience can be seen through both our impact assessment and alumni testimonials that demonstrate how youth directly benefit from their CWY experience, both personally and professionally.

CWY encourages youth to become global citizens. What do we mean by that?

Thank you CWY for showing me the importance of relationships and the positive impact that strong ties can have on the development of communities.”Olivier Taché, 2008

Throughout CWY programs, youth are asked to reflect critically on the personal and social impact of their work and their actions. They develop a sense of personal responsibility towards their community and the communities of others. Our impact assessment has revealed that young people who complete our programs are more likely to become actively engaged members of society.

What is CWY’s educational approach?

CWY’s model is an innovative pedagogical approach based on learning through doing, or experiential learning. This approach sets us apart from traditional forms of international volunteering and exchanges that focus predominantly on ‘voluntourism’ and the accomplishment of basic tasks overseas.

We also work in close collaboration with our local and international partner organizations to ensure that our programs respond to the needs of local communities and that our volunteers learn the value and importance of working in partnership.

CWY recognizes the importance of using a variety of approaches to learning in order to accommodate diverse learning styles and multiple intelligences of youth. As such, CWY volunteers are continuously challenged to think in terms of head (intellectual), heart (emotional), and hand (physical) learning. Through our programs, we encourage volunteers to ask the questions: what? so what? and now what? to further their critical analysis and experiential learning.

Our programs have received international recognition, with countries like the Netherlands, Sweden, and Great Britain, and the United Nations Development Program, that all designed youth-oriented development programs based on the CWY model. This demonstrates the organization’s contribution, expertise and capacity to create quality youth programs that promote and support youth leadership.

Learn more about our approach to youth leadership, development and partnership.

Canada World Youth is committed to equity and diversity in recruitment. We highly encourage applications from Aboriginal youth, visible and ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities, and others who may contribute to the diversity of our volunteer teams.

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