CWY Policies

CWY Whistleblower Policy

Canada World Youth’s Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage and enable employees and others to raise serious concerns internally so that CWY can address and correct inappropriate conduct and actions.  It is the responsibility of all board members, officers, employees, volunteers, consultants, and contractors to report concerns about violations of CWY’s Code of Conduct or suspected violations of law or regulations that govern CWY’s operations.

CWY Sexual Abuse, Harassment and Exploitation Policy and Code of Conduct

Canada World Youth (“CWY”) commits to offer and maintain a work environment that is free of sexual abuse, harassment and exploitation in order to protect the physical and psychological integrity of its employees, volunteers and other personnel.  It is CWY’s duty of care to ensure that everything is being done to mitigate risks of sexual abuse and exploitation and do no harm in the communities served. CWY commits to a zero‑tolerance policy towards sexual misconduct, meaning that appropriate administrative or disciplinary actions will be taken as detailed in the CWY’S Sexual Abuse, Harassment and Exploitation Policy and Code of Conduct.

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