After participating in a CWY program, young people feel more committed to themselves, more committed to their community and more committed to the organization.”
Jorge Galiano Bravo, Program Coordinator, BVBP, Peru


    • 1,000,000
    • Number of hours that CWY volunteers dedicate to development and community projects every year.
    • 12,000
    • Number of families who have opened their homes to CWY volunteers over the years.
    • 10,477
    • Number of people who directly benefited from the health and environment development projects put in place through CWY’s Youth Leaders in Action program in 2011-12.
    • 758
    • Number of youth who volunteered their time and energy through CWY programs and made a difference in 2012-13.
    • 80
    • Percentage of CWY’s international partners who reported an increase in their capacity to deliver sustainable health and environmental projects.
    • 79
    • Number of Indigenous youth from across Canada who took part in a CWY leadership program in 2012-13.
    • 69
    • Number of partner countries with which CWY has run programs since 1971.
    • 50
    • Number of youth directly employed through CWY youth initiatives.
    • 10
    • Number of income-generating youth initiatives resulting in the direct employment of youth.

There are a few organizations around the world working seriously with youth in the ‘construction’ of social capital. CWY has done it, continues to do it and has created an example in society – social capital as a tool to build peace around the world.”
Kléver S. Alban Flores, Executive Chairman, FRI, Ecuador

My CWY program was only 6 months long, but so many life experiences were compacted into this tiny 6 months. Sometimes it takes people a lifetime to learn those skills, but I guess what I gained from my experience are things that I continue to use every day, and will continue to use for the rest of my life.”
Lori Tagoona, Alumnus, Ukraine – British Columbia

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