Mutually-beneficial and respectful partnerships have been a central element of CWY’s programs since the organization was founded in 1971. Our partnership model ensures that youth and local communities are the direct beneficiaries of our work, both in Canada and internationally. Other international youth programs have been modeled after the CWY programming and partnership model.


We have a great diversity of partners, including non-profit entities, educational institutions, government bodies and grassroots community organizations, which not only demonstrates our capacity to respond to the needs and interests of a multitude of stakeholders, but also shows our ongoing interest in improving our youth leadership programs and community-driven development projects.

Global Affairs Canada
Global Affairs Canada advances Canada’s values and interests internationally, delivers international programs, and administers Canada’s international aid program to alleviate poverty in the developing world and provide humanitarian assistance. The department provides commercial and consular services to Canadians at home and abroad, and manages the Government of Canada’s global network of missions.

International Partnerships:
INFOCAL – Bolivia
East China Normal University (ECNU) – China
Fundación Juventud Colombia Mundo (FJCM)  – Colombia
Yayasa Insan Sekolah Kasih (YISK) – Indonesia
UNTAG –Indonesia
Alternativa – Peru
Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Perú (BVBP) – Peru
Fundacja Euroweek – Poland
YMCA Senegal – Senegal
University Gaston Berger (UGB) – Senegal
Institute of Rural Development and Planning (IRDP) – Tanzania
Vocational Training Authority (VTA) – Tanzania
Emirates Foundation – United Arab Emirates

Canadian Partnerships:
Youth Challenge International (YCI)
Taking it Global (TIG)
Indigenous Leadership Development Institute Inc.
Nokiiwin Tribal Council

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