CWY Community

Reconnect and reengage with CWY! Take part in our global network of people actively working to create and support positive, community-led change!

Alumni and members of the Canada World Youth (CWY) community: reconnect and get involved! Are you an alumnus or a former field staff, employee, host family or volunteer work placement? Reconnect with us! There are many ways to stay involved and contribute to CWY’s work, see below for a complete list:

CWY Community

    • Reconnect

      Register, keep your coordinates up to date on our database and reconnect with CWY and its community.

    • Volunteer for CWY

      We always need alumni to support our programs and mobilize the CWY community. You can help us with recruitment, organize an event in your area, share your CWY experience with current participants and so much more!

    • Take part in our Mentorship Program

      Apply to be a mentor or a protégé. This program offers CWY alumni an opportunity to be mentored by an experienced professional who can help in the planning and development of your career.

    • Donate to CWY

      CWY depends on its generous donors to help us fulfill its mandate. Find out the many ways in which you can contribute.

    • Tell us your story

      We would like to hear about your CWY experience and find out what you are doing now. Your story may inspire others to take part in a CWY program.

    • Consult our resources for alumni

      Did you recently complete a CWY program? Here is a list of different resources that may be helpful to you in deciding your next steps. We hope they will inspire you to stay involved in your own community and communities around the world.

    • Nominate an alumnus for the CWY Leadership Awards

      The CWY Leadership Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of young Canadians and youth from around the world who are engaged in initiatives that promote sustainable development at local or international level. Two of the awards are given to CWY alumni, find out more!

    • Keep an eye on jobs at CWY

      Become part of our team and help us increase the ability of people, especially youth, to participate actively in the development of just, harmonious, and sustainable societies.

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