Growing a Sustainable Business Through EQWIP HUBs

Over the past nearly 50 years, CWY-JCM’s programming has impacted over 200,000 alumni, host families, and beneficiaries, such as, Mulkhat who participated in the EQWIP HUBs project in 2019 in Zanzibar, Tanzania. After trying unsuccessfully to find work as in the public sector, Mulkhat was ready to try something new to earn a living. That was when she learned about CWY-JCM and Youth Challenge International’s EQWIP HUBs project entrepreneurship program.

Through the training, the young Zanzibari learned to create a business plan, optimize her budget, and apply sustainable practices to an enterprise, which opened her eyes to the possibility of combining environmental protection and profits.

Mulkat received the Youth Innovation Fund, funded by Canadian donors, to launch her business Mully Agro Fish, a sustainable fish and vegetable farm.

The impact of EQWIP HUBs goes beyond the training and funding that helped make Mully Agro Fish a reality. Owning her own business has given Mulkhat a sense of purpose, financial independence, a firmer connection to her community, and an enthusiasm for being part of the green economy.