Canada World Youth (“CWY-JCM”) was founded in 1971 by Sen. Jacques Hébert to offer international educational programs for young people. The program differentiated itself from other Canadian organizations in the youth and development space by providing both in-Canada experiences and overseas placements. Since its inception, CWY-JCM has offered international volunteer programs to over 40,000 youth participants and more than 200,000 beneficiaries who wanted to become active global citizens. Through their participation in community-driven development projects, CWY-JCM youth volunteers from Canada and abroad develop leadership skills that allow them to become agents of change.


  • Founded by Jacques Hébert in 1971
  • The first groups of young Canadians are sent to Cameroon, Malaysia, Mexico, Tunisia, and the former Yugoslavia.


  • Now in 25 Countries

  • The Netherlands creates a program inspired by the CWY-JCM model.


  • Launch of Global Learner Program with Schools

  • College Level Certificate Available


  • More then 20,000 youth participants in 69 countries

  • Trilateral program with Africa

  • Alumni initiated fundraising activities


  • CWY-JCM hosts first International Learning Program
  • CWY-JCM celebrates 40 birthdays with 40 different events around the world


  • CWY-JCM refines mission around 4 key pillars, aligning itself with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Government of Canada's Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP)

  • CWY-JCM celebrates our 50th anniversary

  • Global pandemic and lockdowns result in CWY-JCM pivoting to virtual programming

  • CWY-JCM responds to federal government's call for innovative financing for global development projects, and invests in drafting Development Impact Bonds