Our Vision

CWY-JCM’s vision is that all young people will have access to the resources that they need to contribute to a better future and that they are empowered to make positive changes for themselves, their communities, and the world.


Guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG”), CWY-JCM collaborates with partners in Canada and around the world to create alternatives to traditional education platforms in order to enhance their understanding of international partnerships. CWY-JCM partners with technology companies, media companies, banks, private businesses, other foundations, governments, and post-secondary institutions to fund and execute our mission.


Integrity in all our relationships, partnerships, and business dealings, through honest, transparent, and equitable interactions.

Empowerment in providing all our constituents with the space and the ability to be innovative and facilitate the implementation of new initiatives that will promote our mission and vision.

Respect in ensuring equity for all peoples of diverse backgrounds, realities, and cultures; in learning to understand and respect one another; and in understanding that all of humanity is interdependent and depends on the natural environment.

Accountability in ensuring responsible actions and behaviours, while being true to our values in all our relationships, policies, and decisions.