July 25, 2013

Important Notice – Typhoid Vaccine

Canada World Youth’s medical office has been informed that there is a shortage of the Typhoid vaccine across Canada.  The vaccine should become available again at the end of August 2013, at the earliest.

Meanwhile, and for the youth volunteer leaving on projects before the end of August who need to get their vaccine, Canada World Youth wishes to communicate the following information:

  • The typhoid vaccine has a protection rate of about 70%, which means that no one is completely covered.
  • Youth volunteer should contact their travel clinic to find out if the vaccine is available in their community.  If no vaccines are available, the youth volunteer should ask the local clinic to research nearby clinics that might have some vaccines available.
  • If the youth cannot get the vaccine, the project will take place as planned and CWY will put in place the following prevention measures:
  • For reasons related to conditions in which the vaccine may be stored as well as the way it could be administered, CWY medical office does not recommend that youth get the vaccine once overseas.
  • Youth volunteer will be informed and trained on basic hygiene precaution such as hand washing. Those measures have proven to be the most effective way to reduce the already very low incidence of contracting Typhoid.
  • If a youth was to be infected, the youth would benefit from the appropriate treatment delivered, in most cases, by clinics recommended by Canadian Embassy in the exchange country.  The treatment for typhoid is very effective and widely available.

For the youth taking part in a project with a Canadian phase first and were not able to get the vaccine before their project begins due to the shortage, they will be able to go to the local travel clinic in the Canadian host community to get the vaccine, at their own cost.  CWY is monitoring the situation closely and as soon as the vaccine becomes available, a message will be sent to your project supervisor who will be in touch with you shortly after.

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Source : Mary McGee, Communications Officer, Canada World Youth, 514 931-3526 # 336,

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