October 22, 2014

Canada World Youth volunteers meet Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Sault Ste. Marie

Canada World Youth volunteers from the Tanzania/Kenya/Ontario project met Prime Minister Stephen Harper at an event in Sault Ste Marie on October 17, 2014. The group took it as an opportunity to meet the Prime Minister, hear him speak and hear first-hand his views and plans for the country.


TANZ3 05a

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Kerri Ningeocheak, youth volunteer from Coral Harbour, Nunavut

TANZ3- 06a

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Emmanuel Kihampa,  youth volunteer from Tanzania

TANZ3 08a

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Nahashon Gitaka, youth volunteer from Kenya


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Source : Mary McGee, Communications Officer, Canada World Youth, 514 931-3526 # 336,

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