August 18, 2016

Canada World Youth’s Recommendations for Canada’s 2016 International Assistance Review

iar-consultations-eai-slide1-engOn May 18, 2016, the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of International Development and La Francophonie, launched a public consultation as part of Canada’s review of its international assistance. This review will help establish an international assistance policy and funding framework that will be focused on helping the poorest and most vulnerable people, and supporting fragile states, while advancing the implementation of the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. With an emphasis placed on women and girls, the Government of Canada plans to apply a feminist lens to all of its international assistance activities.

For 45 years, CWY has offered transformative learning experiences and opportunities for capacity building to young women and men from all backgrounds. Having worked closely with youth and youth-serving organizations on six continents, CWY has developed a deep understanding of the benefits of investing in the development of young people, as a precondition to address issues of poverty and environmental sustainability. This includes access to sustainable livelihoods, to quality education, AND to youth-friendly health services, just to mention a few.

CWY welcomes the new emphasis on rights and the application of a feminist lens to international assistance activities. Along with the emphasis on rights, youth need to be at the core of Canadian policy. Moreover, our more than 45 years of experience leads us to postulate that no other investment is as likely to drive advancement of all the Sustainable Development Goals as investing in youth.

Please find hereafter a summary of CWY recommendations for Canada’s 2016 International Assistance Review. To read the full report, please click here.

Recommendation 1: Mainstream youth in Canada’s international assistance program; for example earmark at least 25% of overseas development aid to be directed at youth within a long term strategy (10 – 20 years).

Recommendation 2: Adopt a youth policy as a tool to seize the strategic opportunity to lead global efforts and to fulfill the potential of the largest generation of youth in world’s history and undo intergenerational cycles of poverty and inequity.

Recommendation 3: Enhance Canada’s impact on the health and rights of women by applying a youth analysis which will ensure current efforts are taking into account the specific realities of young women and adolescent girls.

Recommendation 4: Ensure that education for young women and men is a stand-alone priority, given its impact on every other development issue that affects youth and its high return on investment. Youth-relevant models such as experiential, non-formal learning opportunities should be supported.

Recommendation 5: Ensure that the majority of the funding for climate adaptation for developing countries targets young women.

Recommendation 6: Ensure that Canada promotes positive youth engagement through traditional and emerging mechanisms. Canada should play a role in the promotion of the human rights of youth in situations of minority through a long-term strategy.

Recommendation 7: Ensure that youth are included in peacebuilding efforts. Invest in stabilizing young people’s livelihoods and assets in fragile contexts and implement programs that build a culture of peace such as Youth Exchanges.

Recommendation 8: Review Global Affairs Canada’s Development Branch systems, funding allocations, and processes, to increase efficiency and eliminate disparity in funding sources.

Recommendation 9: Create an Innovation Fund and act as a knowledge incubator to improve Canadian expertise in development

Recommendation 10: Prioritize partnerships and consortiums in program design that bring together diverse organizations and stakeholders to best serve youth.

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