CWY Fundacja Euroweek Global Learner Program



An amazing 3-month experience in Poland with CWY and FUNDACJA EUROWEEK!

The Canada World Youth Fundacja Euroweek Global Learner Program offered by CWY brings Canadian and international volunteers together to assist Polish students in broadening their perspective about cultural differences and harness their skills for international collaboration. To facilitate this learning, volunteers provide the Polish students with information about their country, history, economy, tourism, culture, people and traditions in interactive and engaging ways.

What is Euroweek?

Euroweek has now been in existence for 20 years and is a 4 to 7 day non-formal education and cultural program offered to Polish students in 3 different locations in BystryzcaKlodza, Poland. Euroweek programming is facilitated by Youth Leaders (Volunteers) from around the world, including Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Europe. Euroweek focuses on  four key knowledge and skill areas that the students need in a fast changing global environment; cross-cultural, social and communication, intellectual and creativity skills.


  • IMG_683119 to 30 years old;
  • Studying in or graduated from college or university;
  • Available for the full duration of their contracts;
  • Good command of English;
  • Has some experience working in or with small and large groups of primary and secondary school students;
  • Adaptable amid changing norms, lifestyle, work and living environment;
  • Can adjust to working and living with different personality types;
  • Creative and flexible, problem solver, open-minded, outspoken communicator, smart and confident strategist;
  • Takes initiative, thinks and works quickly, has an eye for detail and welcomes collaboration;
  • Can participate in ALL activities included in Euroweek as per the intended schedule.



An initial registration fee of $500 is required. The participation fee is $4,500 CAD plus the cost of the flight. Participants have the option to fundraise the participation fee using the CWY fundraising portal.

Program costs covered as part of each volunteer’s registration and participation fee

  • poland5Travel, food and accommodation costs related to Euroweek
  • Out of country emergency medical insurance for the duration of the volunteer contracts
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Accommodation
  • Local work-related transportation
  • Monthly food allowance
  • Monthly pocket money allowance
  • Polish language classes

Costs not covered:

  • Depending on payment option you choose above, round trip international transportation from Canadian departure point may or may not be covered.
  • Expenses related to tourism or other travel in Poland or Europe not related to approved Euroweek program volunteer work responsibilities.



Euroweek is also a learning space for volunteers. The volunteers can create; teach workshops and other activities that would not only benefit the students but also contribute to their growth as individuals, team players and leaders.

Duties and Responsibilities of Youth Leader (Volunteer)

  • poland3The volunteer should prepare and present the best his/her country can offer. He/she can also include dance, music, arts, language, and show off the traditional dress and others that will make the presentation lively and interactive.
  • He/ she should also present and do different team building activities and workshops with the students.
  • He/she is highly encouraged to share and develop new team building games and workshops for the students.
  • As part of the learning process, volunteer should make a Learning Report every month to be submitted, reported and filed for future references.
  • He/she will lead and facilitate the activities together with other leaders.
  • Overall the volunteer should actively participate in all meetings, workshops, activities with full and positive energy all the time

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