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If you have made it to this page, we would like to thank you for your consideration. Our team is always busy creating new programs to create a better future for humankind. Every dollar you give goes a long way to changing a life. You may not see the impact immediately but after 50 years of programming in nearly 70 countries and more than 200,000 directly impacted over the years, we continue to hear life changing stories.

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Canada World Youth offers a variety of sponsorships which allow the organizations that partner with us effective return on investment with the ability to sponsor a variety of our programing. Our sponsors are key actors that allow CWY-JCM to deliver our content in a way that would not be possible without their support. Our sponsors range from telecommunications companies to private foundations. Some sponsors support CWY-JCM’s generally in all its programming and some support specific scopes of our programming. You can see CWY-JCM’s pillars here and which partners assist us in executing work under those themes.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, new sponsorship opportunities that will give sponsors access to our network, through events, digital engagement and continued programming will be available shortly.

If you would like to join CWY-JCM’s team of sponsors to support the organization or any of its specific programs, please fill out the contact form below to receive our sponsorship information package.


Our Alumni

CWY-JCM is proud of the network of Alumni that has been created since 1971. Almost 50 years have passed since the first volunteers embarked upon the journey of a lifetime. To mark this significant milestone in our history, CWY-JCM is calling upon our family which includes past staff, host families, beneficiaries, and partners which amount to approximately 200,000 members and supporters to help pave the way for future generations. You are part of a truly global team of individuals who continue to support CWY-JCM by actively participating in the development of a just, harmonious and sustainable world. CWY-JCM needs your help now.

CWY-JCM is currently undergoing a large transformation to align programming with specific UN SDGs, public sector needs and private partnerships to have an even greater impact than before. This will be executed with young people at the center of all our goals and objectives. With 50 years of experience in 70 different countries, we fundamentally believe an empowered mind can change the world.

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Monthly Donation 
Leadership building has been a strength of CWY-JCM since its inception which has empowered our past participants to become leaders in their lives. It is these professionals who now give back to the organization that allow us to continue the work we do. If you’re a professional alumni, we encourage you to consider making a monthly donation to empower another youth to have a similar opportunity to the one that has enabled you to do the work you do today.


50th Anniversary Volunteering
CWY-JCM is excited to celebrate 50 years of empowering young people and wants your help to plan the events that will make this celebration a memorable one!  


Advisory Committees
Our Alumni also support us by participating in our advisory committees. If you have time to give back and have specific experience working in one of our pillars, CWY-JCM would like to invite you to register for our advisory committee registry by filling out the following form. We rely on the experience of our advisory committees to support our decision making in key areas of work.


Many of our alumni work in organizations that have the same vested interests as CWY-JCM. We are always exploring new sponsorship opportunities to match private social responsibility funding to CWY-JCM’s programming. Find out how your organization can become a part of CWY-JCM’s success.


Peer-to-peer Fundraising
Create your own personalized and creative fundraiser to support CWY-JCM and make a meaningful difference.

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The CWY-JCM team loves to receive stories from its alumni.
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