Board of directors

Chair of the Board of Directors
CEO of Fulbright Canada

quotation-left As a professor, the director of the Fulbright program, and a Canadian, it is clear to me that investing in our youth is not only the right thing to do, it is the smart thing to do.quotation-right

Advisor to the Board of Directors
Senior Government Relations Officer at Canadian Light Source, Synchrotron, University of Saskatchewan

quotation-left Not long ago, I met a cohort of Canada World Youth participants serving in Northern Saskatchewan; they were undertaking local community projects while getting set to go abroad. Seeing their smiles, hearing their stories, knowing their work ethic was simply inspiring. I was moved by their shared commitment to both learn and serve. Like so many other Canada World Youth participants, these young leaders were determined to help build a better Canada and a better world.quotation-right

Secretary to the Board of Directors
Partner in the Public Sector and Non-Profit practice at Odgers Berndtson

quotation-left I got involved because thanks to others I had wonderful development experience overseas when I graduated from university; I felt I should help in the same manner that others helped me. quotation-right

Former Federal Minister and Senior Advisor

quotation-left When I was Canada's Minister of International Development, I came to fully appreciate the huge impact that our youth have on making the world a better place for those in need, and I then made a commitment to myself to continue to support our youth in their journey. quotation-right

Provost and Vice-President, Academic at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, British Columbia

quotation-left Young people are the energy that will carry our world forward with kindness and appreciation for the talents of others and the fragility of the environment. CWY-JCM connects them globally and locally. quotation-right


Private Equity Investor

quotation-left Youth are obviously the future. I think helping them gain experiences in working and living with different cultures and socio-economic groups will make them into more rounded, mature and thoughtful adults. quotation-right

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Founder of Maven Water & Environment

quotation-left I believe in investing in youth because we owe it to our world and to ourselves. quotation-right

Management Team

President and Chief Executive Officer

quotation-left Young people are the key to a better future. An investment in them, will pay dividends better than any stock or bond. quotation-right

Vice-President, Programming and Operations

quotation-left Youth are legitimate and important development actors in their communities and around the world. I invest in young people because I believe that youth-adult partnership is among the most important and effective means of supporting youth in fostering positive and sustainable development. quotation-right

Program and Administration Team

Finance Coordinator

quotation-left If we can support youth with good educational opportunities and fully engage them, they will be more resilient in the face of any societal challenges. quotation-right

Program Manager - Indigenous Programming

quotation-left I continue to invest in young people to promote good health and well-being for themselves, communities, and future generations. quotation-right

pROGRAM manager - Women's Entrepreneurship and Livelihoods initiative

quotation-left If we all can afford a pen, I can afford to choose investing in writing my future. As a young person, I am investing in youth for tomorrow's harvest to be a sustainable and enjoyable decent life.quotation-right


pROGRAM manager

quotation-left Working with youth has helped me grow as an educator and youth programmer. By creating and participating in inter-generational spaces we can be challenged and inspired by the new ideas and ways of doing things brought forward by young people.quotation-right

Administrative Officer

quotation-left I am proud of my contribution to CWY-JCM as I firmly believe that empowered youth play a crucial part in building a better future for all. quotation-right

Executive Assistant

quotation-left I’m investing in young people because they have the drive, desire, and passion to create a more just and equitable world for us all. quotation-right


quotation-left "I love working with young Canadians because I know they are hungry for change, and I want to help them achieve it. I am really inspired by the passion and devotion that so many young people have for solving the world's wicked problems. quotation-right

Assistant Manager, Research and Development

quotation-left The ideas, work, and skills that the youth offer are quite unique and boundless. Through empowering and investing in the youth, we empower and invest in our futures. quotation-right

Policy Analyst

quotation-left I believe that when we invest in youth, we are investing in our future. We strengthen their voices and ensure their capabilities to engage with the world around them. quotation-right

Director of Finance

quotation-left I believe investing in youth is essential in developing tomorrow’s compassionate and caring leaders, who will contribute in creating a more just and caring society. quotation-right


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